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There are several steps required to complete a full study.We will get into better detail of each step further in the course, but the basic plan is as follows: What is the topic of the case study?

They can look at what J&J did to solve their problems, and use that information to fix their own issues. What makes a case study so valuable is that is it is real-life situation or problem.

Dealing with hypothetical issues can be helpful, but using actual historical information and data is often a much better way to learn and fix an organization's problems.

Case studies are used in most disciplines, as well as education, where they are becoming more prevalent.

In fact, some of the best universities, such as Harvard Business School, use the case method to educate their students.

If she develops a new theory, she can test it with additional research. Change Existing Theories or Ideas – In psychology, ideas and treatments often change with time or new information or research.

While conducting the case study, the psychologist might discover that older ideas are not as effective as newer treatments.They reintroduced the product with tamper resistant packaging and a large media campaign. The Tylenol brand recovered and regained customer trust.The Tylenol crisis case study details everything that happened from beginning to end.Or a psychologist might want to understand what is the best type of therapy for veterans with PTSD.To accomplish this, both would want to develop a case study. A psychologist wants to begin offering specialized treatment for veterans suffering from PTSD.With a case study, a narrow topic is chosen that can prove (or disprove) an idea, question or hypothesis.Often, case studies are used alongside a larger formal study, or are used on their own. Hypothesis Case studies are used in most disciplines that use or require statistical or informational data.She currently has many veterans as patients, and she has determined that some therapeutic methods are more effective than others. Pilot Research – If the psychologist wants to do large-scale research, starting with a few case studies is a great way to go.She wants to use the information she is gaining to develop a track record for which methods are most effective. The psychologist will use data and information from her current patients (using strict privacy rules), as well as professional resources, to develop her case study. If the case studies show any patterns or trends, that information can be used to determine the best way to do advanced research. Develop New Theories or Ideas – The psychologist may have her own ideas going into the study.So, when a child was discovered locked up for 13 years, it was a perfect opportunity to do research and try to discover what the effects were of a child being isolated their entire life.Case studies are also commonly used in the business world.


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