Writing An Essay About A Special Person

Writing An Essay About A Special Person-69
In any crucial situation, the first person that comes to my mind is my best friend.Whenever I am in any problem, my best friend helps me to get out of the problem by providing the best solutions. My best friend is the person who makes me happy and deserves all my love and attention.

Among these, we find a few who think in our wavelength with similar taste and nature.

We become more attached to these type of people and spend more time with them.

Here we have come up with different essays on My Best friend which suit the needs of students of all classes.

These essays shall definitely ease the stress the students face while compiling essays on such topics which though seem easy to write but consume a lot of time and energy.

She wants to be a doctor just like her father and she believes in humanity. The definition of a friend is relative to different personalities with their different backgrounds, orientations and beliefs.

However, a conventional description of a friend is; someone you care about.

My best friend gets angry when I do something wrong and appreciates me when I achive something. My best friend has been my support system and my strength.

No one can take the place of my best friend Mark in my life. A person gets acquainted with different people during their life journey.

There is also a fact that coping mechanisms to stress are better off when friends are involved. Since we were young, we would play together, went to school together.

A friend could be any one but a best friend is usually that one person you value the most of all your friends. We were separated for about one year because she joined a different high school from mine but she later joined me at my current school.


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