Writing A Journal Paper

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Understanding a journal’s priorities and special concerns can help you focus your writing as well.

If there are, for example, three main conclusions or answers you might draw from your results and you have room to elaborate only one, the one that lies most firmly within the journal’s intellectual and moral sphere is the obvious choice.

Typically, you will want to use 2-3 heading levels.

You need to clearly differentiate these in style, so that it’s easy for readers to see what you’re doing. use a bold 15 point font for main headings, a bold 13 point font for subheadings, and an italics 12 point font sub-sub-headings.

There are often very specific guidelines about the design and position of tables and figures and the type and style of references and notes.

Even personal information must be presented according to the instructions, especially when your identity should be obscured for double-blind review.

Write well and ensure that your prose is effectively conveying the meaning you intend.

We live in an age of hasty and imperfect texts and on more than one occasion have been painfully reminded of the danger of unclear and misunderstood words.

Sub-headings are common (and useful) within methods and discussion, in particular, but sometimes also in the results section. They have no set rules, which makes it even more important that they follow a logical, and clearly understandable thread.

Often, it’s a good idea to outline what this thread is specifically at the end of the Introduction.


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