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Without photosynthesis there would be little to no oxygen on the planet.

Without photosynthesis there would be little to no oxygen on the planet.

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Eventually the reduction causes the DPIP to change colour from a deep blue to a clear or opaque colour.

Since photosynthesis is the process by which plants, bacteria, and other autotrophic organisms obtain energy to produce sugars, the right conditions and the right environment are necessary in order to carry out this complex process.

Her stint as Manager of the California State Mining and Mineral Museum in California's gold country served to deepen her interest in science which she now fulfills by writing for online science websites. She graduated from San Diego's Coleman College in 1972.

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Plants in the fungi kingdom – mushrooms, molds and yeasts – rely on their environment for food instead of photosynthesis.

As a journalist and editor for several years, Laurie Brenner has covered many topics in her writings, but science is one of her first loves.Photosynthesis is important to living organisms because it is the number one source of oxygen in the atmosphere.Without photosynthesis, the carbon cycle could not occur, oxygen-requiring life would not survive and plants would die.A plant uses the carbon dioxide exhaled by animals and humans in combination with the sun's energy during cellular respiration to produce the food that it requires.Plants eventually release oxygen back into the atmosphere, resulting in a symbiotic relationship between plants, animals and humans.for Chlorophyll b (yellow green to olive green) Page 47-48 (1-3) The factors that are involved in the separation of the pigments are the pigments solubility, the formation of the intermolecular bonds, and the size of each individual pigment particle.Since capillary action is the method by which the solvent moves up the strip of paper, the attraction of the molecules to the paper and to each other molecule is essentially determined by those factors.By using unboiled chloroplast in light, unboiled chloroplast in dark, and boiled chloroplast in light, DPIP was placed into each cuvette and a colorimeter was used to measure the rate of light transmittance.Since DPIP is the electron acceptor, as there is more light present, the DPIP absorbs more elections thus reducing the DPIP.Based on prior knowledge and information from this lab, cuvette 3 will have the highest percent of light transmittance and the highest rate of photosynthesis.Since photosynthesis requires light and functional chloroplast to absorb and produce sugars, without either one, the process is interrupted and cannot function properly.


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