Working Mom Vs Stay At Home Mom Essays

Love, A former working mom You have long days and short nights, and you live where you work. You love your days with your children, and are incredibly grateful for the role you play. Sometimes you feel like the only thing you have time for is caring for other people and things, and never yourself. While you also help put food on the table, it may be cold by the time you get around to enjoying it (just like your coffee.) You manage finances and play the role of chauffeur, chef, personal shopper and washer of never-ending mountains of laundry. The conversation never seems to be as riveting when someone asks you what you do.

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But a 2011 Harvard study shows that the earnings penalty to MBAs for taking a job interruption of as little as 18 months, within 15 years of receiving a bachelors degree, is an astounding 41 percent.

(Although career reentry expert Carol Fishman Cohen explains it is important to note that survey participants may intentionally choose a lower-compensated job post-career break for reasons ranging from simply wanting a less stressful job to wanting more schedule flexibility.) And the non-monetary costs can be every bit as daunting.

Thank you for speaking honestly about the challenges of staying at home, and the joys of it, too.

You remind us that it is OK to have hard days, and that every single one of those is worth the reward.

I would like to think that I have some decent insights from having been on both sides of the fence. Every one of us—working or not—is doing what we do out of love.

So in that spirit of love, I wrote you all a love letter as a little show of gratitude. You give to your job endlessly, then you come home and care for your little ones endlessly, knowing other demands wait for you tomorrow as you head back to work. You are many things, and you don’t have to do anything but celebrate the many hats you wear (and also grab some coffee, because I know you’re tired.) I also want to thank you.

You pay the bills and bargain shop and wonder if you are doing the right thing for your family. Maybe you even miss being the woman who brought in a paycheck and got raises and promotions. Thank you for showing your children that hard work takes on many forms, and that value doesn’t just come from a paycheck and a promotion.

You work hard to find identities that add layers to your life above and beyond “Mommy.” You may even pursue your passions and interests if you can manage a spare minute to do so.

Thank you for being in the working world as a woman, too—because we bring insight and brilliance and wisdom that needs to be heard.

We need all of you out there sharing ideas, quieting the “mansplainers” and running the world.


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