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When she left the park, Adrianna shared another 10 pieces of bubble gum. The hobby store normally sells 10,576 trading cards per month.In July, the hobby store sold a total of 20,777 trading cards.Or another way we could say this, is he spent 3/4 of an hour once, plus on a second day he spent another 3/4 of an hour. Kyle spent 1/4 of an hour, but he did this for six days, so six times, he spent 1/4 of an hour.

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What percentage of students said hockey was their favourite sport?How many kilometres did the students run on Thursday? To make the Leaning Tower of Pisa from spaghetti, Mrs. Her students were able to make 10 leaning towers in total.How many kilograms of spaghetti does it take to make 1 leaning tower?Adrianna has 10 pieces of gum to share with her friends.There wasn’t enough gum for all her friends, so she went to the store to get 3 more pieces of gum. Adrianna has 10 pieces of gum to share with her friends.To return to the school, in which direction does the bus have to travel?How many kilometres must it travel in that direction?There wasn’t enough gum for all her friends, so she went to the store and got 70 pieces of strawberry gum and 10 pieces of bubble gum. Adrianna has 100 pieces of gum to share with her friends.When she went to the park, she shared 10 pieces of strawberry gum.Jakob wants to invite 20 friends to his birthday, which will cost his parents 0.If he decides to invite 15 friends instead, how much money will it cost his parents? Retta put 0.00 in a bank account that gains 20% interest annually. And if she makes no withdrawals, how much money will be in the account after 1 year? How much gas did he use in total for the two years?


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