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He was chased by a smaller force of British soldiers and Indians.After the war, Hull was tried by a military court on charges of cowardice. But president, because of Hull's service during the Revolutionary War, permitted the old soldier to live.

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Just two months after the war started, the United States warship Constitution forced a British ship to surrender.

Several months later another American ship, the Wasp, captured the British ship Frolic.

The third campaign was made by General Henry Dearborn.

He led a state militia force from Plattsburgh, New York, to the Canadian border.

And they were also upset about the British military aid to these Indian peoples who were restricting American expansion.” Alan Taylor says for those reasons, many Americans supported the war, particularly in the southern, western and mid-Atlantic states.

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“But in New England most of the people supported the opposition party, the Federalists, and they were very bitter about the war.“And even when the governors would cooperate, as did for example, the governor of New York, the militia would often march to the border and then decide that their constitutional duty was only to defend their state and not help the United States invade another country.And so they’d go on a sit-down strike once they got to the border.” Nevertheless, an American general named William Hull led 2,000 men across the Canadian border.But some Americans from New York refused to cross the border to help against the British.They calmly watched as British soldiers shot down the attacking Americans.He was planning to cross the border and attack Montreal.But again the soldiers refused to cross the border.Private American trade ships had been armed with guns when the war started. By the middle of 1813, a year after the war started, British ships controlled the East coast.No American ship could enter or leave any port south of New England.They not only didn’t want to contribute to the war effort, but they wanted to block it as best they could.” Church bells were rung and flags were lowered in New England when the declaration of war was announced. Members of Congress from the western states had spoken proudly of how their people would rush to fight the British. The first request to Kentucky for soldiers produced only 400 men.There was also the problem of getting enough men to serve as soldiers. Historian Alan Taylor says that some states in the Northeast did not offer any soldiers at all, especially for invasions into Canada.


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