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Nothing is as attractive in a woman as the fear of the Lord.Knowing God, honouring God and worshipping God are really the most praiseworthy endeavours a person can ever undertake.

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If you have a mother who prays for you, you are indeed truly blessed. Scripture is certainly consistent about reminding us that we will reap what we sow, and for many of us, our mothers – the greatest women in our lives sowed beautiful seeds of truth, wisdom, joy and peace, a spiritual harvest that is now bearing fruit in us and our children.

Mothers have always made a difference and will continue to do so.

It has everything to do with the tenderness and toughness, the compassion and conscientiousness of the heart.

There is nothing quite comforting as having our mother’s arm wrapped around us when we are sad, lonely, or afraid. Mothers teach us the value of God’s word through their lives, personal prayer life and dependence on God’s strength and wisdom.

When your children finish a conversation with you, do they look like fine pottery in the process of being molded by your words with love and care or do they look like stone, having had parts of their hearts chipped away by negative, sharp or angry words. Remember that death and life, blessings and cursing are in the power of our tongue. It is lived and it is a legacy that is passed on to our children.

With the words of our mouth, we can impart greatness or smallness in someone else’s life. A woman who can talk to God and hear from Him is a force of strengths and beauty like no other.Have you ever considered that it’s likely your mother heard your first laugh?And, your laughter is likely something your mother loved to hear.Mothers remain some of our most powerful teachers in the hands-on laboratory of everyday living.Of all their many attributes…all that comes down to is the heart – a mother’s heart.Here’s an inspiring speech shared by Nora Avarientos, Former Executive Director of World Vision Development Foundation during PCEC Women’s Commission Grand Rally last April 28, 2017.The pivotal role of being a mother is still the divine mission assigned to women alone.You and I can fan the flame of a dream or you and I can snuff it out. “An ounce of mother is worth a pound of priest”, an old Spanish saying.A mother’s prayers are a priceless gift, a real treasure, an earnest heartfelt force of power.Her child’s laughter fills a mother’s heart with joy more easily than anything else.As a mom of grown young men, I miss my boys laughing together at the dinner table (it helped that I raised a couple of characters, rather comedic characters).


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