What Is Aschers Thesis In On Compassion

According to her, compassion is that desire or want, to reduce the effect of a painful situation experienced by a person.She posits that compassion is not an innate trait, but comes by learning through the day-to-day experiences.There is the sense of need and help explained in the article, By describing the situation or a story of a man, she makes the audience think about the situation in which the man was, she has created the bond with the audience.

Ascher needs to extend her views basing on the current society.

The issue of business is on the peak and people have turned out to be business oriented.

There is a sense of happiness and compassion, which is, described when the money is offered to the poor and crazy man.

The compassion is described in a way that dollar really worth for the poor man and no one can refuse the offer to accept the dollar until he/she knows the worth of the need for a dollar.

The many assumptions she makes when addressing this fundamental topic, creates the way for criticism, and ought to be clarified to all people before they apply compassion in the real world situations.

Global Economy Research Paper - What Is Aschers Thesis In On Compassion

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She does not define the conditions of the homeless people.

One cannot become dispossessed because he/she has been found on the way and neither can he/she become one simply because he/she is pleading or in rags!

Are all, able and willing to learn and apply this trait, as Ascher puts it? Based on her view, she assumes that every person is literate.

She is a lawyer, a sign that her level of literacy is quite higher and she able to learn and understand, even by seeing, the situation of other people.


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