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Its purpose is often to shake the reader up a little bit, convince and encourage them to take action toward resolving a problem that causes a lot of distress to others or themselves.Besides from that, a descriptive essay can also deviate from the standard concept of an explanatory/expository essay: it may have some level of subjectivity in it, used to establish a more artistic atmosphere and prompt a writer to express themselves in a bit more creative way.These crucial elements of an explanatory/expository essay are: The structure or format of an essay depends on the question it investigates and the kind of approach that is suitable for it.

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Usually, if the essay is not specifically required to be argumentative, a matter in an explanatory essay is presented in an unbiased, impartial way, where the writer is not taking any sides and not making any personal interpretations of the material.

Any personal views of the author may or may not be welcome by the assignment they have, but the presence of such views in the text quite possibly can influence its pertinence to a certain type of essay writing.

After you identify that specific type of explanatory essay that you have to write thanks to clues in your assignment, after you collect all the ideas and do all the research, - but before you start actually writing that paper - sketch yourself a handy outline.

An explanatory essay can often be combined with other types of writing, depending on particular instructions in the assignment, specifics of each individual essay, or personal preferences of a writer.

When we define explanatory style of writing, we usually talk about formal vocabulary, concise and clear language through which we put our critical thinking process into words, specific fields of knowledge that an article or essay may concentrate on, accurate quotations, verified database, references to reliable sources, and the most important element: objective truth.


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