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The problem is that subscriptions to medical journals usually run in the hundreds of dollars per year, per journal.Luckily, many medical journals offer some or all of their content for free to everyone, with or without a subscription. The journals often focus on a subfield such as cardiology or neuropathy.

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The best thing about OMICS International’s list of free medical journals is that they’re all listed on one page, so you can CTRL F to find what you’re looking for.

Next to each journal is a link to each journal’s citation report, containing a list of articles that have cited the articles published in each journal. When you click on each category, it brings up another list of all the journals in that category, and tells you if it’s always free, or free after six or 12 months.

To help you out, I’ve reviewed three websites that make it easier to find the most up-to-date free journal articles in your subfield.

I’ve included some background information, pros and cons, and tips for getting the most out of the site.

Here, we outline the top search engines and resources that work hard for researchers to help them get the figures, answers and arguments they need. A so-called ‘answer engine’, the service answers queries directly based on the search terms rather than providing a list of results.

Key features: Search for information about domain names and compare websites.Some do so for all of their articles, but most make their articles free on the web six or 12 months after publication.While the medical journal articles you want to read may be online for free, they aren’t always easy to find.Manuel Montenegro; Source Source The best way to use the site is to take advantage of the left rail, where you can search by keyword, topic, free article freshness, alphabetically by journal title, or language.You can also see a list of journals sorted by impact. Srinubabu Gedela founded OMICS International to help make healthcare and scientific information available immediately and for free.There’s no site search or sorting mechanism like Free Medical To save money, time, and effort, check out one or all of these websites and let me know what you think in the comments.And let me know if there are other good sites or apps I’ve left off.Gedela’s research on getting access to scientific literature for scholars from developing countries won him the 2007 Human Proteome Organization’s Young Scientist award. Srinubabu Gedela; Source OMICS International publishes over 700 scientific and healthcare journals and 50,000 scientific research articles in clinical, medical, life sciences, and other disciplines annually.Each year OMICS International hosts more than 1,000 medical and scientific conferences for more than 60,000 scientists, clinicians, and scholars in 30 countries.Knowing how, and where, to search for resources is vital for saving time and getting quickly to the results that matter.One of the best ways to increase your hit-rate is by going beyond Google to a specific academic search engine or database.


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