Water Pollution Essay In Bengali

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Here we have provided some easily written essay on water pollution for students.

They can select any water pollution essay according to the need and requirement: Water pollution has become a continuous increasing problem on the earth which is affecting the human and animal lives in all aspects.

The effect of water pollution varies from place to place upon the type and amount of water contamination.

The degradation of drinking water needs an urgent basis prevention method which is possible by the proper understanding and support from the end of each and every person living on the earth.

Dissolved oxygen is the oxygen present in water required by the aquatic system to continue the lives of plants and animals.

However biochemical oxygen is the demanded oxygen by the aerobic micro-organisms to oxidize organic matters of wastes.Hazardous pollutants may contain various types of impurities including harmful chemicals, dissolved gases, suspended matters, dissolved minerals, and even microbes.All the contaminants reduce the level of dissolved oxygen in the water and affecting the lives of animals and human beings to a great extent.We need to follow some drastic changes in our habits to save the earth water as well as continue the possibility of life here.Water pollution is the most dangerous and worst form of pollution putting lives in danger.The level of fresh drinking water is becoming less day by day on the earth.There is a limited availability of drinking water on the earth however that too is getting polluted because of human activities.Water pollution is caused by two means, one is natural water pollution (due to the leaching of rocks, decay of organic matters, decay of dead matters, silting, soil erosion, etc) and another one is man-made water pollution (due to the deforestation, set up of industries near large water bodies, high level emission of industrial wastes, domestic sewage, synthetic chemicals, radio-active wastes, fertilizers, insecticides, pesticides etc).Fresh water is the most important source of life on the earth.The water we drink daily looks very clear however contains verities of microscopic pollutants floating in it.Our earth is covered with water (almost 70% of total) so a little change in it could affect lives worldwide.


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