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Welcome to this resource page for the Ed D doctoral process.The faculty in the College of Education and Leadership is pleased to welcome you on your journey to personal and professional growth through scholarship.Students in the DBA Program may consider one of three doctoral capstone options: * This is the traditional doctoral capstone option in the DBA program.

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As you embark on your journey in an online doctoral program, moving toward that culminating dissertation, you should expect that there will be course corrections along the way. With Walden as your GPS, you can navigate this route with confidence.

Sometimes you may feel you’re spinning your wheels. is one of the essential navigation tools Walden provides to its doctoral candidates.

A vital portion of the document details the 15 required steps that take a dissertation from start to finish.

Read along with Walden students to learn more about that process: At the end of this process, Walden adds doctoral students’ work to the university’s online repository of dissertations, where they draw interest from a global audience.

Methodology chapters are How to prepare a research proposal A few.

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“The journey will be a marathon,” Walden doctoral peer mentor Emir Gonzalez advises students, “so embrace the experience, be patient, and enjoy every step of the way.” Discover your calling with a doctorate that can broaden your professional horizons and change your life.

Walden University is an accredited institution offering more than 20 doctoral degree programs online.

As a doctoral candidate in the Ed D program, you will generate mastery of knowledge, skills, and dispositions that will serve you as an educational leader and social change agent.

Welcome to the Ph D in Education dissertation process.


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