Ucla Mba Admissions Essays

Let’s decode each of them: While the spirit of this question hasn’t changed, previous applicants were given 500 words to respond, and it’s clear Anderson wants you to be as incisive as possible.

In the first part of this question, the school is looking for assurance that you’ve meaningfully thought through why you’re applying at this point in your life and what specific career enhancements you’re hoping to gain.

A final reflection: don’t let the need for brevity rob your responses of feeling.

One of the biggest mistakes I’ve seen is showing a lack of enthusiasm.

If they can’t see you in the story or feel an emotional resonance, then try again until it comes through.

As one student quips in Anderson’s jazzy two-minute ‘how to get in’ video, a great story creates a great application.

Below I’ve offered some perspective on what Anderson is looking for, along with tips on how to tackle each essay to maximize your chances of admissions success.

For context, first-time applicants must respond to two short answer questions (your MBA goals/why Anderson) and one essay question.

In a few well-chosen words, you need to convey career goals that are logical, ambitious yet achievable.

You must be able to convincingly connect the dots from where you’ve been and where you’re going, and why the Anderson MBA is the essential next step.


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