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Last time (or not): Clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose!

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A fourth season with Eric as coach at East Dillon -- with lousy facilities, no boosters, and all the good players gerrymandered into the Dillon High district by Buddy and Joe Mc Coy -- has potential to not only be very different, but really inspiring.

It's one thing to see Eric work in a system where he's the master of all he surveys, and quite another for him to be running a team where "Lance"(**) could conceivably be his most talented player.

And with Matt getting the short end of the stick, Tyra pulls off an unlikely but still touching escape when she gets off the wait list and into Texas. I hope (and expect) to see a lot more of her in the future, as well as Taylor Kitsch and Zach Gilford and the rest of this brilliant young cast, whether the show comes back or not, whether Katims decides to bring back the graduated seniors or not.

Though I often found her stories problematic (even ignoring the murder), Adrianne Palicki always gave this character everything she had; just look at the way she's shaking with equal parts fear and hope as she opens up the admissions letter. If the show somehow continues, I'm excited for the possibilities created by the East Dillon move.

And unlike Eric going off to coach at TMU, this is a change in the status quo that doesn't ever have to reset.

They could very easily get through a fourth season or even (pie in the sky time) several seasons with Eric stuck coaching the runts of the town while Wade Aikman tries to ride JD Mc Coy's arm back to State, and it would still be "Friday Night Lights." (**) According to this very interesting interview that Jason Katims did with Sporting News writer Chris Littmann, Landry and Julie were both juniors this year, and would therefore be in play for a fourth year.

If you type any of the characters names in You Tube, you will immediately be offered hundreds of personalised montages of them to ‘Fix You’ or ‘My Hero’ or one of those three songs by The Fray.

Matt Saracen is the most devastating character on where Matt doesn’t someone encounter a tiny humiliation, a moment of being let down or something that further justifies his feeling that everyone he loves eventually abandons him.

And if it ends, we'll always have those moments where "Friday Night Lights" reached deep into our guts, or brushed across our spines, and moved us in a way that few of us would have expected from a show about Texas high school football.

If this is the end -- if the last image of the series is of Eric and Julie holding each other and staring out at that abandoned field that's about to become Eric's new professional home -- then we'll still have our memories.


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