To What Extent Is Formal Education Effective Essay

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This might have worked out well for Baby Boomers but it is about time that we change our thinking. stop shielding yourself on the safety-net of employment, stop limiting yourself, take the leap, you’ll never know what you could have been if you don’t at least try…

What’s the point of studying for about 25 years of your life only to be confined behind a desk making someone who broke out of this cycle money for the next 30 years? What you need is to first re-think your idea of success.

When you learn about the history of people from different corners of the world you realize that, as human beings, we have all faced the similar struggles, suffered the same pains, and enjoyed the same pleasures.

This plucks any notion of racism/ethnicism that your mind might have conceived and you begin to treat the entire human race as one, you view everyone as an equal regardless of their origins.

Do you consider success to be a big bank balance, exotic cars, a huge house, and a prestigious job title?

I think this is an illusion of success, but then again, everyone will have a different idea of what success is, and that’s okay. Did you make sure that future generations lead a better more comfortable life than you did?I have heard several statements of the same effect and every time I hear such statements I always ask, Sure, if you are looking for professional white-collar employment it may be necessary for you to have gone the whole nine yards in formal education and attained that degree or that Master’s degree. If you are anything like me, the answer is definite ‘No’.Don’t get me wrong, I think education is very important and I’m currently pursuing my LLB degree but that’s only because I am passionate about social change and I feel that this avenue would better position me to effect the kind of change the world around me needs.I am against the idea that formal education came to save developing countries whose people were disorganized savages constantly at war with each other.However, I do believe that formal education has played a role in social integration and contributed to the blurring of ethnic lines in young nations.In the past, a lot of people have dropped out of school to follow an unconventional idea of success, to work on their passions, and they became hugely successful.These people chose to educate themselves informally to reach their goals and they eventually found success and happiness. The real point of education is to make us aware of ourselves and the world around us.I personally feel that success is measured by how much impact (positive) you have on the world when your story is over. Did you inspire someone to break out of their shell and reach their full potential?Let’s look at the most revered success stories in history…However, at the same time I refuse to believe that formal education and being an employee is the only way I can end up being a success in life.If you are anything like me, you believe in creating employment, being creative, being an entrepreneur…you appreciate freedom and you would simply make a bad employee.


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