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The research was done in the laboratory using a container with 15120 g of soil with a mass of 18007 g.A potential relationship was found between soil volumetric moisture and sensor values in the evaluated soil.The Arduino is Used in Different Fields of Agriculture.

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Gravimetric analyzes of soil samples show a correlation of R2 = 0.9094.

An Arduino UNO board of free programming, a sensor of humidity Fc-28, a reader of SD and a battery was used.

Precision Agriculture for Development is transforming agricultural extension in developing countries using the latest available technologies and research methods.

PAD works with partners to build, scale, and improve mobile phone-based agricultural extension with the goal of increasing productivity and income of 3 billions smallholder farmers and their families around the world.

Reason why our country should emphasize this application of this low-cost and easy-to-apply technology to raise the productivity of agricultural activities that are so lacking in the current era.

Faced with this situation, the automation of small and large scale agriculture is of colossal importance, since applying mechatronic technologies to agriculture would help detonate productivity in the Mexican agriculture, an important role in this situation is of the Arduino board, for its versatility and its low cost, from the review of literature made highlights the amount of research work and design proposals for systems based on the Arduino board with application in Indian agriculture, over the other countries in which it is used.

The main objective is to achieve a considerable decrease in the use of water, and in turn generate labor savings.

Likewise, the irrigation system can be adapted to different types of terrain, even to wavy typefaces, which do not require leveling.

2 Literature Review In Table 1 shows the results of the search for the use of the arduino board in world agriculture.

3 The Arduino Board in Mexican Agriculture Negrete (2016) Review the status of the automation in Mexican greenhouses and perspectives for the future and also suggests the use of mechatronics to automate and increase the productivity of agriculture, animal production and beekeeping (Negrete, 2015; 2017a; 2017b; 2017c).


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