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World War II helped end the Depression because it increased job opportunities, such as ammunition and weapon factories. Part II: Relation To Kill A Mocking Bird takes place in the 1930s, the same time The Great Depression took place.

Macomb wasn’t the richest town in Alabama and showed signs of poverty and economic failure in their citizens.

The gross national product fell from $104.4 billion in 1929 to 74.2 billion in 1933 (Carson 1). Many farmers during the Depression struggled, a farmer’s total combined income dropped from $11.9 billion to $5.3 billion.

Unemployment rates were also affected by the depression; in 1929 the U. (Carson 1) Herbert Hoover was the president at the time and relied on the cooperation of business and labor to maintain payrolls and production of profit.

Atticus is telling Jem and Scout that the Cunninghams were hit by the "crash" the hardest. This quote is important because it explains how since the Cunninghams were farmers, they were hit the hardest by the Depression which put them in poverty.

Although the Cunninghams were strongly affected by the Great Depression they were very humble about it.

Most citizens thought the United States "faced a future of limited opportunity" (Carson 2).

Not until about 1935 did United States banks begin to re-open.

Many of the unemployed lived in "Hoovervilles" which were shantytowns on the outskirts of large cities.

Men and boys who lived in "Hoovervilles" traveled searching for work around the country.


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