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There are various tools developed by well-known institutes throughout the academic world to help improve the quality of research.These sets of tools are developed with great effort by elites in order to aid in researchers and using them in systematic ways leads to a valuable and high quality research project.

Your Honors advisor and your thesis supervisor may be the same person if (a) your thesis topic aligns with your Honors advisor’s research, or (b) your department’s policy is to switch your Honors advisor to your thesis supervisor.

Your official thesis supervisor must be a faculty member at UConn (including UConn Health or regional campuses).

Utilizing the instructions and tools introduced in this package gives you an awareness of how research is done in different fields.

You will be able to use these tools systematically to find keywords.

Soerin guided me through the different research phases, from the literature review until the conclusion and recommendations.

By asking probing questions instead of immediately giving the answers to my questions, Soerin not only contributed to a thesis that I’m proud of, but also made me a better researcher.The recommendations that Soerin gave during his review of my thesis drafts were helpful and often formed the basis of new insights.When I hit a block while working on a factor analysis, Soerin helped me via a Skype session during which he looked at my SPSS and Smart PLS output live.Select someone you can envision working with for multiple semesters; this relationship is critical to the success of your thesis!Are you looking for the most unique and worthwhile title for your research project to impress your supervisor or professor?Your Honors advisor is your Thesis Supervisor; both are important toward your completion of your Honors thesis.Your advisor is knowledgeable about Honors requirements for your major, but they may not know as much about your specific topic.Not only does Soerin help with the students plan for research, he also helps to improve the plan by making recommendations for advanced research (and additional analyses).Soerin is a very fine coach and works very structured, which triggers the students to be passioned.I have created 17 lectures that cover all facets of thesis writing in!I will start with the end in mind; how is your thesis evaluated?


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