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students in composition whose thesis consists entirely of a musical score are exempt from the above requirement for a committee meeting, but must still have the proposal approved in writing by the members of the final examination committee.

Specific information regarding these requirements can be found by visiting the following links: Guidelines for Preparation of Papers, Theses, and Written Lectures for Lecture-Recitals Thesis (M.

A.)Proposal Approval Form Draft Submission Form Final Approval Form Sample Title Page Sample Permission-To-Copy Page Sample Committee Page (For information regarding the doctoral dissertation, consult the School of Music Ph.

This realignment also reflects a distinction in goals between our proposal and theirs.

Their work took as its starting point the question "Given a piece of music in a particular musical idiom I, what laws govern the class of analyses that a listener assigns to it in I?

Finally, we argue that the output of musical syntax feeds a Tonal-Harmonic Component whose formal relation to the music syntax strongly resembles the relation between linguistic syntax and the semantic system that interacts with it -- and is subject to a Principle of Full Interpretation with respect to that component.

Approval of Graduate Thesis and Essay Proposals The approval process for the proposal for the Ph. We further argue that the distinct component that Lerdahl and Jackendoff called Time Span Reduction is a musical prosodic component (a point anticipated by Lerdahl and Jackendoff themselves) -- whose interface with the syntactic component is strikingly similar to the comparable interface between syntactic and prosodic structure in language.Though our discussion takes Lerdahl and Jackendoff's work as a starting point and touchstone throughout, our proposals also constitute a significant realignment of their model -- necessary in order to reveal similarities between musical and linguistic structure that were not evident in their presentation.(This copy is to be used for the defense; any further revisions should be made following the defense.) It is important to schedule the defense at least two weeks prior to the In many cases it is advisable to consult with committee members during the actual preparation of the dissertation/essay/thesis.This avoids potential problems that could occur at the time of the defense itself.In particular, we argue, developing but also extending earlier proposals by Lerdahl and Jackendoff (1983), that music, like language, contains a syntactic component in which headed structures are built by iterated, recursive, binary Merge.This is the component that Lerdahl and Jackendoff called Prolongational Reduction, which represents hierarchical patterns of tension and relaxation in tonal harmony. Our certified Educators are real professors, teachers, and scholars who use their academic expertise to tackle your toughest questions.Educators go through a rigorous application process, and every answer they submit is reviewed by our in-house editorial team. Your task is to come up with a thesis and support it in three ways.My first piece of advice is to figure out what you want to make about music. It can't be a statement of fact, because then there is nothing to prove and support. You do not want a thesis statement to be a rambling, long sentence.It needs to be somewhat direct, and it needs to set up your reader for the coming argumentative support.


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