The Color Of Water Essay

James's childhood was spent in a chaotic household of twelve children who had neither the time nor the chance to ponder questions of race and identity. While working with his father he watched the young white boys play outside and never show any sign of acknowledgment of his father.

He felt that the this work was degrading and subservient and resented the way his stepfather was being treated and looked upon by his employers.

It reminded him of the field slaves he saw in books. James Mc Bride, the author of The Color of Water never played it for her.

The burden of his past fell upon him and he felt the pain his grandmother Hudis must have endured in Suffolk.

Another example is, “The New Testament” and “The Old Testament.” Both of these chapters revolve around the embarrassment Ruth and James feel for their circumstances.

In “The New Testament,” Mc Bride feels ashamed of having an eccentric white mother, who when singing the hymns in church sounds “like a cross between cold engine trying to crack on an October morning and a Maytag washer” (Mc Bride 45).To begin with, the dual narratives of the text here present a unique mixture of chronology and perspective.Moreover, noteworthy is also Mc Bride’s usage of the rhetorical strategy of alternate chapters and parallelism.Additionally, by investigating into his mother’s past as well as his past, Mc Bride anticipated to find a better understanding of his social, religious, and racial identity. Throughout the book, James displays his worry for his mom.This development in Mc Bride’s characters can be seen through his choice of the diction and the syntax. He is afraid that people will misunderstand the situation with his black siblings and white mother, and he fears that black revolutionaries will try to hurt her only because she is white.By explaining Ruth's background, the time period James was raised in, the social barriers that Ruth and her family faced, and parallels to modern times, the reader shall see that The Color of Water is a timeless classic that many generations can learn from.Ruth was born in Poland In The Color of Water, author James Mc Bride writes both his autobiography and a tribute to the life of his mother, Ruth Mc Bride.By unrolling their memories, people can draw wisdom from prior errors and safeguard their futures.James Mc Bride typifies this notion when he weaves his mother Ruth’s old times and his new world in his memoir The Color of Water: A Black family.He experienced a desire to embrace life and humanity.James returned to New York recognizing that in this appreciation of life, beyond all the rules and religions in the world, he paid tribute to his grandmother.


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