Teaching Kids Critical Thinking

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The next step is realizing that they can change their own thinking.

When they get frustrated and stuck on a problem they will have to change how they are thinking about that problem to solve it.* This post may contain affiliate or referral links for your convenience. Being able to change one’s perspective to solve a problem is a life skill.

Reading books that give different messages about thinking is so important to counteract that pressure on perfection, conformity, and the single right answer. It is a great book about diversity and also overcoming hard situations in life. …She was DIFFERENT NOT LESS,” they all finally agreed.”This story about Temple Grandin shows her perseverance and how she thinks differently, how her thoughts are in pictures.

But it also showcases how people may think differently — how brains and brain functioning is diverse, “Then, little by little, though sometimes she balked, special teachers helped Temple, and one day she talked! It is that same ability to think in pictures that led her to solve a real-life problem.

I think too often our children get the message in school that there is only one correct answer and that conformity is the rule.

Then one day, real life happens and suddenly there will no longer be a “right” answer.When I was teaching college students I was often surprised at how little they knew about the process of thinking.There was a lack of self-awareness when it came to one’s thoughts, how the brain works, how to learn, and how to study.Books are an amazing way to open the window to metacognition.Any book that shows what the character is thinking or goes through the process of solving a problem, ideally in a unique way, will make an impression on your child and promote critical and innovative thinking.Clicking on these links directs you to a website to purchase the product. The life skill of getting unstuck is vastly underrated.Nurture and Thrive receives a small fee for this service. To be able to approach a problem in different ways is true innovation — a trait we prize, but we don’t focus on how it develops.But if we do it with the little things, they expect it for the big things. And if my son does ask for help, I try to help him with the next step instead of solving the whole problem.This philosophy works from everything from opening a yogurt to math homework.We didn’t teach students metacognition and it develops across a lifetime.When children move from egocentric thinking to being able to take another person’s perspective, they are just beginning to develop metacognition.


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