Tcp Ip Protocol Research Paper

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TCP/IP stands for Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol, which is the protocol of the Internet.

In a private network, TCP/IP can be used as a communications protocol; the TCP/IP can either be an intranet or extranet.

In the TCP/IP protocol architecture, there are four layers or sets of protocols, similar to the DARPA model.

TCP/IP protocol architecture works as protocol stack.

It gives the TCP/IP protocol stack the ability to adapt any new networking technology, for example, ATM or Asynchronous Transfers Mode networks.

(Blank, TCP/IP Jump Start, 2006) Internet layer sits on the top of network interface layer in the TCP/IP protocol stack. The protocols are IP or Internet Protocol, ARP or Address Resolution Protocol, ICMP or Internet Control Message Protocol, IGMP or Internet group management protocol.Each layer of TCP/IP protocol stack, has its own set of functionalities and provides a set of services to the next layer.The descriptions of these layers are, (Blank, TCP/IP Foundations, 2006) Network interface layer or network access layer is the lowest layer in the TCP/IP protocol stack.It is anticipated this will both reduce operational costs and increase network efficiency. The Business Case should; TCP/IP architecture model was initially designed as DARPA model by the US government agency by that name. Those were, application layer, transport layer, Internet layer and network interface layer.Each of those layer used to correspond to one or more layers in the OSI model with seven layers.The main function is to provide address resolution services to the network layer.Internet control message protocol provides different types of diagnosis and error handling services that may occur from erroneous packet delivery.A computer is provided with a copy of the TCP/IP program when it is set up with direct access to the Internet. The higher(“What Is TCP/IP”) The foundation of an inter-networking design is TCP/IP.TCP/IP is an open and efficient protocol of the Internet, which has made it the most widely used network protocol in the world.The paper will discuss the computer pioneer’s legacy and how it has affected the change of computers.The topic of this paper is TCP/IP and their designers, Vinton Cerf and Robert Kahn.


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