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Next, we consider a benchmark scheme that endows the WDs with their maximum computation capacities.

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e Way-CRM understands assigning to multiple persons as logically incorrect status.

The supervision over the task is lost - one task should have only one solver.

The Send me a status report when this task is complete check-box determines that after completing the task, owner will be noticed about this completion.

Outlook transfers the responsibility about noticing the supervisor on the task solver because he has an option - thanks to the Send Status Report button - to inform the supervisor about the status change that is related to the task.

With the proliferation of computation-extensive and latency-critical applications in the 5G and beyond networks, mobile-edge computing (MEC) or fog computing, which provides cloud-like computation and/or storage capabilities at the network edge, is envisioned to reduce computation latency as well as to conserve energy for wireless devices (WDs).

This paper studies a novel device-to-device (D2D)-enabled multi-helper MEC system, in which a local user solicits its nearby WDs serving as helpers for cooperative computation.

Opening and closing the message will update this information in the task list: Some other limitations due to the type of your configuration can be found in the Restrictions of MS Outlook Within Work With Tasks article.

If you are using Google Apps, the delegating of tasks won't work because of incorrect communication between Google Apps and Microsoft Outlook.

We assume a time division multiple access (TDMA) transmission protocol, under which the local user offloads the tasks to multiple helpers and downloads the results from them over orthogonal pre-scheduled time slots.

Under this setup, we minimize the computation latency by optimizing the local user's task assignment jointly with the time and rate for task offloading and results downloading, as well as the computation frequency for task execution, subject to individual energy and computation capacity constraints at the local user and the helpers.


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