Taking A Risk Essay

Notre Dame’s admissions staff recognized this, and therefore put this test within its application.

I was afraid of failing and did not take the challenge, but I was happily surprised so many students here now did.

Deciding whether or not to take risks in life can be tricky, but as Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “Do not be too timid and squeamish about your actions.

All life is an experiment.” This quote means that people should take risks in their endeavors, because life is precisely about trying new things and experiences.

We were not accepted simply because we are intelligent, involved and exhibit leadership, but because we see the world from different angles and appreciate each other’s perspectives.

Notre Dame is a place that challenges you, as it did from day one with its application essays.Your whole future rests in the hands of one of the university’s admissions faculty members, possibly a few if applications exchange desks. On top of the tedious nature of college applications, they tend to all be the same.There’s the section where you fill out your name, address and SAT scores nearly a dozen times, followed by the dreaded essays. You can use this password for unlimited period and you can share it with your friends! Once you place your order you will receive an email with the password.Only months later when I was joining the various ND Facebook groups was I reminded of this essay. The truth of the matter is we are all very different, viewing the world in unique and diverse ways.That’s the real reason we were accepted and why we chose this school as our home for four years.College applications are exhausting assignments, both for applicants and for those reviewing them.They require an absurd amount of time and energy, and in the end reveal very little about one as a whole person or as an individual. I found the entire application process stressful and draining.After submitting my application, I forgot about the “take a risk” essay. I made an error in assuming all overachieving Notre Dame students were unable to step outside the lines and do anything that could possibly jeopardize their future.I enjoyed my winter break and celebrated when I received the big ND envelope in the mail. From my current position, I see how wrong I was to stereotype Notre Dame students.


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