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This audience is more specific, in that they have not read either the essay you're summarizing or your previous narrative.You'll have to give them enough information so that they can understand the author's essay by reading only your summary.Furthermore, most summaries introduce the main ideas in the order that the writer composed them and continuously refer back to the paper being summed up.

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How long to stick with this assignment: The sample semester guidelines have this essay going through three revisions.

Depending on your student's reading/writing ability, you could do more or less with this assignment.

The questions you'll answer ("Purpose") are (1) What are the purpose and main points of this writer's essay, and (2) Do you agree or disagree with one of his/her points based on your own experiences?

You're answering these questions for ("Audience") that same academic audience as for the last essay you wrote (Narrative 2).

Let the student talk about how s/he approached the assignment and why s/he approached it this way.

Encourage him or her to compare this experience with the experience of responding on the Web forum informally, directly to the writer (different audience).The goals are (1) to accurately summarize an article using the conventions of academic summary (your tutor will discuss these with you), (2) to provide a focused response to the article with a clear thesis statement, and (3) to develop your response using examples from your personal experience that are clearly related to examples/ideas from the article itself.If you're having trouble getting started, take a look at the "Summarizing" section in the back of this resource packet.You can do this by showing them a sample essay written for CO150 and talking about the differences, discussing the conventions of academic summary, and reviewing what they've already learned about writing an academic essay.Note: The essay you assign can be critical to the student's success on this essay.I believe the liberal arts curriculum, although expensive and time-consuming, is a vital part of a college education that can only shape who you are as a professional, but also who you are as a person.First of all, MLA concerns itself with the mechanics of writing, such as quotation, punctuation and documentation of sources.On the other hand, a response is an evaluation or critique of the writer’s written discourse.Unlike the summary, this consists of the writer’s viewpoint in relevance to the paper being summed up.A summary refers to a short paraphrase of the main points in a written discourse.This indicates the title and the author, it is consists of the thesis as well as supporting ideas, it may use direct quotation of brief or forceful statements of the ideas of the author and it won’t typically indicate the examples or supporting details of the author unless these are paramount to the main point.


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