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When teachers create an assignment with submissions enabled, students can submit files directly on Schoology.

The recommended workflow to submit assignments will vary based on how students are submitting their work: Students can also submit materials to an assignment using the integrated Google Drive or Microsoft One Drive for Business resource apps, which they can access from the Resources tab.

If you choose, you may resubmit another version of your assignment using the Re-submit Assignment button [2].

You will only be able to view the details of your most recent submission in the Sidebar, but your instructor will be able to see all of your submissions.

If the administrator has enabled this feature for either the Google Drive repository or the One Drive repository then students can upload a file as an 'access controlled link' from either of these repositories.

The file is then copied to the site account and the student is no longer able to edit it.

There are four submission types: upload a file, submit a text entry, enter a website URL, or submit media.

Note: Not all file types may be available for your Assignment, depending on the assignment submission type set by your instructor.


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