Stakeholder Analysis Essay

However, not all of the aforementioned stakeholder’s opinion may come in a manner aimed at aiding in the success of an event.

Others are purely motivated by critical innuendos and it is the responsibility of the event manager to indentify right and wrong criticism (Stanford, 2012). Sometimes, such resources are what the event manager s requires to ensure that an event is a success.

Hence, it is vital to indentify the stakeholders resourceful standing may be crucial in the success of an event (Allen et al. Communicating with stakeholders is part of engagement between event manager s and stakeholders.

Communication of the progress and parameters of success of an event is crucial to mitigate expectations and to receive supplementary feedback.

Stakeholders are individuals, groups of individuals or organizations that hold a special interest in an event including its operations and success.

Stakeholders are a critical pillar in the success of any event.

It also forms the basis for the success of the event (Allen et al. The relationship between stakeholders and the success of an event as outlined above highlights the importance of a stakeholder analysis.

It also points to the risks of not conducting such an analysis.

For example, if England wanted to hold the world cup, it would be crucial to engage with the renowned football clubs, which have excellent stadia to be used during the event.

The event managers would also engage with the government to provide the needed security machinery to make the event a success.


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