Solving Problems With Quadratic Equations

Solving Problems With Quadratic Equations-35
However, these problems lead to quadratic equations. You can solve them by factoring or by using the Quadratic Formula.

You may come across problems that deal with money and predicted incomes (financial) or problems that deal with physics such as projectiles.

You may also come across construction type problems that deal with area or geometry problems that deal with right triangles.

If your device is not in landscape mode many of the equations will run off the side of your device (should be able to scroll to see them) and some of the menu items will be cut off due to the narrow screen width.

Now you have to figure out what the problem even means before trying to solve it.

Do you see how the ball will reach 20 feet on the way up and on the way down? We will now be solving for t using the quadratic formula. Our actual times were pretty close to our estimates.

Just don't forget that when you solve a quadratic equation, you must have the equation set equal to 0.

I completely understand and here's where I am going to try to help!

There are many types of problems that can easily be solved using your knowledge of quadratic equations.

How long would it take Bonzo to eat 1260 hamburgers by himself? Calvin takes 5 hours longer to travel 360 miles against the current than he does to travel 360 miles with the current. Let x be the speed of Calvin's boat in miles per hour in still water, and let t be the time in hours it takes him to travel 360 miles with the current.

Eating by himself, it would take Calvin 7 hours longer to eat 1260 hamburgers than it would take Bonzo to eat 1260 hamburgers. The last equation gives The second equation gives Plug into : Plug into the first equation and solve for t: The solution doesn't make sense, since time can't be negative. Eating alone, Bonzo takes 16 hours longer than Calvin would to eat 480 hot dogs. Let x be Calvin's rate (in hot dogs per hour), let y be Bonzo's rate, and let t be the time it takes Calvin to eat 480 hot dogs. The water in the drainage ditch flows at 6 miles per hour.


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