Solving Equations With Word Problems

Solving Equations With Word Problems-12
One of the two quantities on the left and the one on the right are given numbers. But this is exactly what we were looking for: the value of the unknown. It is important to realize that steps (1)-(3) solve the equation regardless of specific values of the two constants that appear in the equation.Solving a given equation is a mathematical problem in its own right.The following diagram may help in understanding of relationships the problems we looked at stand to each other.

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Firstly, the equation contains an arithmetic operation - addition.Thus we may observe that the problem of solving equation (1) belongs to a certain class of problems that are all solved in the same manner, as shown in steps (1)-(3).The general equation of this class can be described as but given.As an example, let's start with one of the simplest problems.Every word and number shown in the applet is clickable.It's not important who the persons at hand are: brothers, sisters, or monsters.Nor is it important whether they owned, or bought, or had the goods in question. What is essential is that the problem is concerned with three quantities, two of which add up to the third one. It appears that the problem belongs to a whole class of similar problems: all problems in that class translate in the mathematical language into equation (1).Numbers can be increased or decreased depending on whether you click a little to the right or to the left of their vertical center line.// information pieces start with '@', followed by // a single letter from , followed by ": ".One simple approach to find out is to try changing the problem a small piece at a time.Play by ear: pay attention to those small modifications that do not distort the of the problem.


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