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What he could have ideally done was remind her once again in the morning or just before leaving for the party.

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Understanding is the key to making improvements in a long term relationship.Let’s face it, every relationship ends up with some tension, it’s unavoidable.But when things look like you need a quick fix there are some tried and true ways to solve your problem and learn to get through to your partner.In this post, Mom Junction tells you about some common relationship problems and ways to overcome them. It gets late in the night and when Jane messages, Jack replies that he went out for a party with his friends.He assumes that his wife remembers because he told her about the party a fortnight ago.You assume your partner knows about it, you think it is not necessary for your partner to know or you simply don’t pay attention to what your partner is saying because you are watching television, checking your mobile, or working on your laptop.Jane feels that her husband is a little too close with his female colleague. Building trust is a slow process but works if you are sincere in your efforts.But all Jane craves for is Jack’s concern and care.After spending some years together in a relationship, most couples take their partners for granted. Jake has a constant fear that she might leave him for a better person.Not enough time spent together to build on your love, poor communication, distrust and disrespect.Once, you understand the basic reasoning behind these failures, you can take action steps to improve your relationship and finally sit back and relax and enjoy your love.


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