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The number of dimes that Elane has is seven less than three times the number of nickels. Problems involving tickets or stamps are very much like coin problems.Each type of ticket and stamp has a value, just like each type of coin does.How many 49-cent stamps and how many 20-cent stamps did Kailee buy?

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In mixture problems, we are often mixing two quantities, such as raisins and nuts, to create a mixture, such as trail mix.

In our tables we will have a row for each item to be mixed as well as one for the final mixture.

The number of dimes times the value of each dime equals the total value of the dimes.

\[\begin \textit·\textit &= \textit \nonumber\\ 23·$0.10 &= $2.30 \nonumber\\ \end \nonumber\] This method leads to the following model.

So to solve these problems, we will follow the same steps we used to solve coin problems.

Example \(\Page Index\) Danny paid .75 for stamps.

How many nickels and how many quarters does Jesse have?

Example \(\Page Index\) Elane has .00 total in dimes and nickels in her coin jar.

In our next example, we have to relate the quantities in a different way. Each ticket was either an adult ticket or a child ticket. To find out, we would follow the same logic we used above.

If he sold 20 child tickets, how many adult tickets did he sell? In each case, we subtracted the number of child tickets from 100 to get the number of adult tickets.


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