Solar Plant Business Plan

Sargent & Lundy supported a major Midwest United States utility company with their business planning and screening for a 20-MW solar PV project.We evaluated potential land options for the installation of the solar PV plant with several configurations, including fixed-tilt versus single-axis tracking and poly-Si versus thin-film technology.

rupees Twenty one crores, Sixty lacs per year)Extra information : So Break Even time for the project stands at ( 115 cr / 21.9 cr) 6.5 years.

We have not taken into consideration the interest and time value of money. With recent low tariff rates Break even can even reach as high as 10 years.

Thus, there is more focus than ever on sustainability.

Renewable energy will likely surpass natural gas to become the second-largest source of electricity behind coal.

The Indian government is planning to expand its solar plans, targeting US$100 billion in investment and 100 GW of solar capacity by 2022.

So, if you’re planning to venture into a solar business, now is the perfect time to do so.Our customer happiness specialists are at the ready, armed with friendly, helpful, timely support by email or online messaging.We’re here to help, regardless of which you plan you’re on or if you’re just taking us for a test drive.The generation of solar power has tremendously increased in the last few years owing to the government’s favourable initiatives and innovative manufacturing technology.Total installed renewable energy capacity in India touched 114.43 GW (around 33 percent of the total energy capacity of the country).It is being predicted that rising world energy demands will soon outpace production.With Coal being more difficult to obtain, sources of domestic gas are shrinking.So I think I can answer this question very well.1st let me clarify that here we are talking about utility(for commercial purpose) based solar plants (MW scale plants). Tariff is the price at which you will sell your solar electricity to the government. Suppose Tariff decided according to the agreement for this project was Rs 5.00 / k Wh.A bit of engineering calculation : Avg no of sunshine hours = 6 hrs /day No of units per day = / 3600000= 120000 k Wh Units produced in a year = 120000 * 365 =4380000 units per year Income from selling the electricity = 4380000 * 5 =Rs 21,60,00,000 or 21.6 cr (i.e. Here are the following reasons why investing in solar power franchise can provide you with huge profits.Increasing energy prices There has been increasing energy consumption due to rapid economic development and industrialization.


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