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Create a few different strong sales pitches for different customers to relate to.

Make it clear exactly what your product and you are going to do to benefit them and their business.

We have just launched our Go-to-Market Toolkit, with guides, templates and checklists to plan a successful software launch.

Check out the Toolkit here, or you can get a free Go-to-Market Checklist one-pager if you sign up for our FREE monthly newsletter here.

It is important to find out who would most likely buy each product you offer.

As stated above, merchants buy benefits and results, not products, so start by identifying your ideal customer. Knowing the factors that are driving a decision is crucial.With people constantly on their phones, social media marketing and content marketing are two extremely important tools to increase your access to customers and solidify yourself as a subject matter expert on the payments industry. With content and social media marketing, there is more access to qualified leads, more channels to sell products, and lower costs to acquire customers.A skilled negotiator is concerned with finding the right solution or product that is satisfactory to both parties involved, reseller AND merchant.For example, walking a customer through how to set up a scheduling application within the point of sale system or showing them how a loyalty program will increase sales.Focus on each benefit at a time, make it easy for them, and get them hooked on it.Selling POS devices requires an understanding of the various challenges that retailers, restaurants, and other business owners face.Having the knowledge of how you products can address these challenges not only helps win a sale, but it sets up the reseller to look like a thought leader and an advisor.If you prefer, you can also check out our other software marketing downloads.Do you think you have only one or two options for your software business plan? The traditional vendor of software or services into an enterprise end customer base (or small/medium business) typically based their revenue on (1) software licensing and support, or (2) pay-by-the-hour software/infrastructure consulting services, or (3) a combination of the two.They are looking for “win-win” scenarios, where everyone comes out of the deal feeling happy and well-taken care of.To be an effective negotiator, you need to ask the right questions, be patient, and be prepared.


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