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Evaluate sources Burst your filter bubble Web browsers and social media sites employ algorithms that feed you information you've shown a preference for.

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To neurobiologist Björn Brembs, based at the University of Regensburg in Germany, who uses Research Gate to find paywalled papers online, STM’s letter looks like a “thinly veiled threat.” He notes that if Research Gate’s paper-sharing policies are affected “it will clearly be a loss for researchers, but it is difficult to forecast if the number of affected individuals will be high enough to actually cause more than just a short blip in resistance.” Publishers have previously asked other content-sharing sites to take down articles breaching copyright.

The digital revolution is characterized by a flood of information and misinformation that news consumers can access from anywhere at any time...

This superabundance of information has made it imperative that citizens learn to judge the reliability of news reports and other sources of information that is passed along their social networks." Check the facts There are many fact-checking websites available online.

Some copyright infringement may be due to genuine misunderstandings from academics who are often confused about copyright policies, notes Christopher Jackson, a geologist at Imperial College London who posts many of his papers on Research Gate.

Other cases may be because researchers simply don’t care about copyright, he adds.


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