Siemens Case Study Motivation

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That is how Siemens entry-level development program can thrive to their business growth.

The company supplied to a big multinational that had just launched a programme to engage suppliers and improve their performance in sustainability.

CASE STUDY Q1: Using your understanding of the work of Herzberg, which motivators can you see in action at Siemens?

Frederick Herzberg proposed a very popular theory of motivation termed as the two- factor theory, or motivation – hygiene theory has been widely accepted by managers concerned with the problem of human behavior at work.

Some of the products that are manufactured by siemens include traffic lights, wind generators, gas turbines and domestic devices such as fridges and kettles among many others.

Siemens also give services such the maintenance and support of BBC’s website.By knowing how to apply the SWOT analysis, Siemens will be competitive to its competitors (Zahorsky, 2009).Siemens has a lot of strengths in the business environment through the motivation of its employees within a creative environment.This paper will analyze how Siemens motivates its employees within a creative environment using the SWOT analysis.Siemens, an engineering company, produces an endless variety of products and services that are used by many people on a day to day basis.Based on a diagnosis of the key challenges faced by them, interviews with employees and consultation with experts, the plant designed an action plan to improve performance and productivity and increase the wellbeing of older employees.As a result of this activities the key indicators of performance of the plant increased resulting in less loss, better productivity, less absenteeism and better dialogue with employees.There are two distinct aspect of the motivation- hygiene theory.Intrinsic factors such as achievements, recognition, the work itself, responsibility, advancement and growth seem to be related to job satisfaction.Siemens also generates approximately 40% of the wind energy used in the UK.The company also employs more that four hundred thousand people globally (The Times 100, 2009).


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