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Some examples of traditional fairy tales are 'Snow White' and 'Sleeping Beauty' where a handsome prince awoke them from an enchanted sleep by true loves first kiss.

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Slow music is used when Shrek overhears Fiona and Donkey and misinterprets their words because Shrek is upset.

A song about broken dreams and promises is played when Shrek returns home.

The viewers would be shocked by Shrek's actions and the change of music; all this suggests that this film will not be a traditional fairy tale. Middle This shows that Shrek is funny and likes to joke around.

Farquaad is a coward; he intends to rescue the princess by sending knights to do the job for him.

He looks heart broken especially when he sees Donkey and Dragon cuddling.

After analysing the characters of Shrek and Lord Farquaad, I have come to a conclusion.

The movie has been so long in the making at Dream Works that the late Chris Farley was originally intended to voice the jolly green ogre in the title role.

All that work has paid off: The movie is an astonishing visual delight, with animation techniques that seem lifelike and fantastical, both at once.

When Shrek told the story of a princess, he spoke softly and calmly.

The pictures and words in the book that Shrek was reading out aloud were medieval.


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