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In eradicating and creating awareness against child labor in Pakistan many communities are having a stake.Some of these communities/autonomous bodies working for the cause are: All the above government and private bodies are actively working for the eradication of child labor in Pakistan.You can view samples of our professional work here.

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According to the survey of Federal Bureau of Statistics (FBS) in 2002, the number of working children in Pakistan was approximately 3.5 million or 7% of the total workforce in Pakistan.

However, the children under the age of 10 and those working in small and family businesses that are not registered with the government were not the part of the survey.

The issue has been seriously addressed by the above bodies either individually or in conjunction with any other body.

The role of each of the above mentioned body in the eradication of child labor in Pakistan is as follows: GOVERNMENT OF PAKISTAN: Government of Pakistan has been actively working for the eradication of child labor in Pakistan.The survey conducted by UNISEF in 2003, estimated that 8 million children under the age of 14 are engaged as labors.Most of them are engaged as labors in brick kiln factories, carpet weaving centers, agriculture, small industries and domestic services.Child labor has been prevalent in Pakistan in all the sectors of the economy, though it mostly exists in informal sector of employment and in the home based industry.In late nineties, the matter of child labor emerged as a serious consideration due to international exposure.Even after so much regulations and promises by the government of Pakistan, the attempt has not been successful till now.Though the issue has received international attention and various organizations at international level like ILO and UNICEF are participating in the issue, still the improvement in this case is very slow.In 1999, Federal minister for labor and manpower, Shaikh Rashid announced a four point policy for curbing child labor in Pakistan.In Jan-99, government announced the draft of the labor policy.Government also identified poverty and lack of education for children as root causes for the child labor in the country.(Arshad)The present government in Pakistan has made elementary education compulsory for children.


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