Se Habla Espanol By Tanya Barrientos Essay

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You can tell that she has a hard time accepting that she is an English speaking, Latina woman.

Once Tanya moved to America, at age three, she lost the ability to speak any Spanish.

The essay I chose for this assignment was “Se Habla Espanol” By Tanya Barrientos.

While reading some of the passages from the essay, you learn a lot about the author and her journey of being a Latina woman living in America.

They made a great effort to Americanize their children. She felt complimented by people who did not refer to her as a Mexican.

She even recalled one memory where she started school a week later because she went on a trip to Washington D. with her family and having the school's registrar frown and criticize her mother for bringing her children late to school. Your children are always behind, and you have the nerve to bring them late? She was the driving force behind Maria's experiences. Maria strongly stated to her classmate, "Who are you? Maria's father did give money to her grandmother to support Maria's mother's entire family and had the family move to another village.

She began by taking Spanish lessons and became frustrated that people automatically assumed that since she is Spanish, she should know how to speak the language.

Tanya Maria Barrientos wrote the essay "Se Habla Espanol" in order to express her struggle with accepting her heritage with pride, as well as her struggle with being a Latin woman who did not speak Spanish.

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