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Valuable as these honours have been to me, I cannot wear them with an easy conscience so long as my Mussalman countrymen have to labour under a wrong done to their religious sentiment.Events that have happened during the past one month have confirmed me in the opinion that the Imperial Government have acted in the Khilafat matter in an unscrupulous, immoral and unjust manner and have been moving from wrong to wrong in order to defend their immorality.Between 18, European powers were, at times, racing each other to stake claims in Africa.

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Before colonisation, Africa was characterised by widespread flexibility in terms of movement, governance, and daily lifestyles.The Scramble for Africa took place during the New Imperialism between 18.The focus of this lesson will be on the causes and results of European colonisation of the African continent, with special focus on the Ashanti kingdom (colonised by the British as the Gold Coast, and today the independent African country of Ghana).Economic, social, and political climates in Europe created a sense of urgency among competitive nations to stake claims in and division of the "Dark Continent".To try to create some organization during the scramble, the Berlin Congress was held and European countries "sliced" up the African countries like a cake, each country got a portion of land.Anyways, by the time Slave trade declined, the exploration of the interior of Africa had begun and preparations made by the European powers to impose another kind of slavery on the continent of Africa —for the direct conquest of almost entire Africa.Initially the African coastal regions were largely in the hands of the old trading nations: Within a few years, however, a scramble for colonies begat and almost the entire continent had been cut up and divided among European powers.I can retain neither respect nor affection for such a Government.By 1914 cotton constituted 43 per cent of agricultural output. Being a single crop economy was disastrous as Egypt became dependent on imports for her essential food supply.The main countries involved in the colonization of Africa included France, England, Portugal, Germany, Great Britain and Denmark. The colonisation of Africa was part of a global European process reaching all the continents of the world.


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