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Should use the principle of selectivity and control by exception. The detailed information requirements for an application. The various steps involved in the business system planning or enterprise analysis method are: Gaining the commitment Preparing for the study Starting the study Defining business processes The measurement of natural and man-made phenomenon and processes from 6.Should be non-responsive to changes around and within the organization. spatial perspective, with emphasis on the three following properties, Elements Attributes Relationships 7.Its a mixture of both students center for material and commercial venture. Guess I fail to get you understand what i meant to say above.

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Some of the major GIS applications are in the areas of: Advertising Archeology Education (location of institutes, etc.) Cartography (mapmaking) 10.

The major characteristics of business decision-making are: Sequential in nature Exceedingly complex due to risks and trade offs Influenced by personal value Made in institutional settings and business environment context 11. Monitoring, following up and initiating course-corrective action.

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