Sample Of Executive Summary Of Business Plan

Writing an executive summary can be a daunting task.

It can be difficult to know where to start, what to write about, or how it should be structured.

This business plan naturally requires an executive summary.

Crafting the executive summary of your business plan after every other part of the report is best practice.

With a clearly defined structure, an executive summary can be a standalone piece.

Without one, however, it would need the support of the entire report to make an impact. If your executive summary can’t stand on its own, consider revising it until it can.

Including a thought-provoking statistic, or an inspiring and relevant quote at the beginning of your summary will capture the reader's attention and get them thinking on the track that you want them to.

Your executive summary should focus only on the positive elements of your research and business plan.

Your executive summary should highlight the best features of your business plan.

For example, if you’ve identified a primary advantage that your plan proposes you should be leveraging, your executive summary should include this advantage.


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