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It is this role of religion which poses a problem in politics.For most of the religious communities are tending to acquire socio-political aspirations.Gandhi considered the ethical values imbuing every religion to be an important part of politics; that was what he meant when said that politics divorced from religion becomes debasing. It implied a belief in ordered moral government of the universe.

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Manifest functions are the consequences that people observe or expect.

It is explicitly stated and understood by the participants in the relevant action.

But not a single communal conflict in India can be traced to such differences.

The conflict here is more due to communal than religious causes.

While functions are intended or recognized (manifest), and may have a positive effect on society, dysfunctions are unintended or unrecognized (latent) and have a negative effect on society.

Manifest dysfunctions are anticipated disruptions of social life.

The manifest function of a rain dance, used as an example by Merton in his 1967 Social Theory and Social Structure, is to produce rain, and this outcome is intended and desired by people participating in the ritual.

Functions Latent functions are those that are neither recognized nor intended.

For example, a manifest dysfunction of a festival might include disruptions of transportation and excessive production of garbage.

Latent dysfunctions are unintended and unanticipated disruptions of order and stability.


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