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presented itself as the autobiography of a humble castaway.The book, often cited as one of the first novels of realistic fiction, was a resounding sensation.The next day, the fact of his horrific solitude set in. What if he broke a leg and died, slowly, unable to get food?

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In Selkirk’s own narrative, recorded in , he recalls that one day he did something so bad—he refuses to say exactly what, only that it was “unusually scandalous”—that he decided the best course of action would be to just leave town altogether.

“To say the truth,” he admits, “I was never remarkable, as a boy, for doing as I was bid.” Selkirk eventually made his way onto a ship, run by an aggressive, short-tempered captain.

He spent a day despondent, thinking, like Crusoe, that he would like to catch one of the many wild goats on the island, but that he ought to preserve his gunpowder.

Instead, he stabbed a baby seal in the heart (as you do) and with his bare hands caught a crayfish, which he ate raw.

The first edition even credited Robinson Crusoe as the author, and many people reading thought he was a real person.

Defoe spent a good amount of time in debtor’s prison, and he needed a hit.What made this story so mesmerizing to a Western audience?Plot-wise, it isn’t exactly gripping, unless you are keen on detailed descriptions of fence-building. For the majority of the book, he is the only character around; we don’t get much in terms of flashbacks or relationships.Within four months, the book had gone through four editions.By the end of the 19th century, there were over 700 editions, translations, and imitations.“They have a very curious cry, which I have heard a thousand times,” Selkirk writes.“It sounds exactly like the English words: ‘be quiet, be quiet.’ I remember how the cry seemed to mock me.” Months passed. He began to “contemplate self-destruction.” Though Crusoe, too, is often miserable, this isn’t a significant part of his narrative (the imperialist hero must demonstrate his lust for life).There is, however, a parallel in both men’s rediscovery of the Bible.Both Selkirk and Crusoe have a Bible with them when they’re stranded.When he was a teenager, he wanted badly to go to sea, but his father forbade it.He became a shoemaker and hated it; he was also, apparently, not very well-behaved in church.


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