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Open for comment; We can forecast hurricane paths with great certainty, yet many businesses can't predict a supply chain snafu just around the corner. Open for comment; SUMMING UP: James Heskett's readers point to examples of complex environmental problems conquered through multinational cooperation.

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Risk preferences as measured by portfolio choices between risky and safe investments were found to strongly predict political scandals.Open for comment; This paper sheds new light on connections between financial markets and the macroeconomy.It shows that investors’ appetite for risk—revealed by common movements in the pricing of volatile securities—helps determine economic outcomes and real interest rates.This article explores the role, organization, and limitations of risk identification and risk management, especially in situations that are not amenable to quantitative risk modeling.It argues that firms can avoid the artificial choice between quantitative and qualitative risk management, allowing both to play important roles in surfacing and assessing risks.Managers can then make decisions and allocate resources to mitigate the risks in a cost-efficient and moral manner.Risk-taking is widely understood to be a vital aspect of leadership, yet it may have a dark side.Open for comment; Since the financial crisis, there has been renewed interest in documenting how much risk financial institutions are exposed to.This paper shares the important goal of that scholarship: to come up with a method that summarizes banks' positions in a meaningful way so that it will inform the theoretical modeling of these institutions and offer insights for policy decisions.Governments have liabilities associated with retirement benefits, social insurance programs, and financial system backstops.Given the magnitude of these exposures, the set of risks the government chooses to bear and the way it manages those risks is of great importance.


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