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Luckily, that’s something that getting enough shuteye and waking up early can help you with.

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And the “simple” part of that acronym is not to be taken literally.

To make a call, they had to hand-write an XML document with an RPC call in the body.

Start slowly by waking up earlier than you normally do, like 15 minutes for the first week, 20 minutes the following week, and so forth until you reach your goal time. Even if you don’t fall asleep right away, at least make it a habit to start getting into bed at a set time every night, such as by 9 p.m. Electronics, such as your TV and smartphone, produce light that stimulates your brain. Since it’s a part of nature, try camping for a couple of days to get back on-track. The ideal sleeping condition is pitch black and a temperature between 60 and 67 degrees. Both of these prevent you from getting a good night’s sleep. This makes you tired enough so that you’ll sleep straight through the night.

At that point, most developers had to deal with SOAP—Simple Object Access Protocol— to integrate APIs.

The first hour or so of your morning sets the tone for the rest of your day. Joerg Huber of Roehampton University in London found that "Morning people tend to be healthier and happier as well as having lower body mass indexes."Related: 5 Almost Effortless Ways to Become a Morning Person A 2008 study found that early risers didn’t procrastinate as much as people who stayed up later.

This statement shouldn’t come as a surprise since they’re proactive and have more quiet time in the morning to complete tasks.

Secondly, getting enough rest keeps you energized enough so that you can exercise -- besides waking up earlier gives you the time to squeeze in a workout before you get distracted.

And, when you sleep-in, you tend to skip breakfast, which means when you do get hungry you’re going to crave unhealthier options.

Developing a pattern that allows you to sleep a full 6-9 hours each night helps you handle any negativity that’s being thrown your way.

Related: This Is Your Brain on Not Enough Sleep (Infographic)According to Christopher Randler, a biology professor at the University of Education in Heidelberg, Germany, “When it comes to business success, morning people hold the important cards.


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