Rights And Obligations Of Parents Essay In Urdu

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A Tradition of the Prophet (PBUH) tells us that a Companion asked the Prophet, “ Who deserves my good treatment most? Mudslide made a stone block the opening to the cave. When the storm stopped they tried to push back the heavy stone to get out of the cave but they could not. At last seeing that their joint efforts also cannot move the stone they decided to pray to Allah sincerely.

One of them suggested, ‘each one of us should relate one good thing he has done in his life and beg Allah to move the stone.

To this end they may resort to advice, rebuke, scolding, even hitting them.

Good children should take all this ‘harshness’ in their own interest. No rude replies, no arguing, no explanations, no comments unless asked for.

Young children are rude towards parents and show disobedience.

As the parents grow old they drive them out from their homes and put them in “ Senior Citizens Homes”.So it is the duty of grown-up children to repay them by way of caring for them and looking to their physical and financial needs.A Quranic verse says: “ People ask you (O Prophet) how should they spend.O God, if this act of mine was approved by You please shift this stone.” The stone slipped a little but not enough to let them get out.Similarly, the second and the third man mentioned an act of goodness and prayed to God to shift the stone.The mother sacrifices her comforts and sleep to provide comfort to her children.The father works hard to provide for their physical, educational and psychological (and spiritual) needs. Allah’s favors cannot be counted or repaid except by thanking Him and obeying His orders.It is instinctive obligation of parents to protect their children from physical and moral harm. They are duty bound to protect their children in every way, physical, intellectual, moral.If a small child puts its hand in fire it is natural urge for you to push the child back, even if the child does not want. If the children have a temptation to do an act that is not in their long-term interest it is the duty of the parents to keep them back from that act or behavior.It is clear that after Allah parents are the persons who give us innumerable favors.They provide protection, food and clothing to the newly born.


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