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It also disregards the structural flaws which continue to be oppressive.Claiming “reverse racism” puts a barrier against fixing the ways our society and country works against people of color.However, surveys show that only between 2 and 13 percent of whites admit to having personally been denied a job, promotion, or college admission because of their race.

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They are not denied jobs or demonized by the media. This systematic privilege is why you cannot be racist toward white people.

You can be prejudiced against white people, but you cannot be racist toward them.

They say that while some people of color may be prejudiced against whites, they don’t have the institutional power to discriminate against whites in the systemic manner that whites have historically discriminated against racial minorities.

Quotes about reverse racism from prominent social progressives explain why it’s far from widespread and why complaints about such discrimination are reactionary.

They say that those who complain about reverse discrimination fear losing racial privilege as society moves to level the playing field.

In his essay “A Look at the Myth of Reverse Racism,” anti-racist activist Tim Wise discusses why he thinks U. society has been organized in such a way that people of color can’t oppress whites in the same way that whites have historically oppressed minorities. And while not all white folks have the same degree of power, there is a very real extent to which all of us have more than we need vis-à-vis people of color: at least when it comes to racial position, privilege and perceptions.” Wise elaborates on his argument by discussing how even poor whites have advantages over middle-class blacks.

Racial prejudice and racism do have a lot in common, but there is an important distinction.

Racial prejudice entails the feeling of dislike, contempt, hatred or superiority over another race.

I encourage all “reverse racism” proponents to look deeply into the privileged position your white skin puts you in, because it is critical for understanding and correcting the racist culture of our country.

Instead of pulling the “reverse racism” card, look at how prejudice against white people functions.


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