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It was just a question of not panicking and kind of learning it and listening to people and asking questions."Technology Ahoy!Indeed, the bar was set high not only for Apted but also for the special effects which had been crafted so well in numbered 380 CG artists alone.

He also watched the first two films, but on the first day of filming he knew it was time for an adventure into the unknown."Well, day one is blind panic," he admits.

"I've never made a movie for children, and I've never dealt with this amount of fantasy or surrealism or whatever you want to call it. You're going to have to learn a lot.' I liked the challenge of it. Andrew had done it with the first two, so I knew the tools existed.

He bosses, he bullies and he makes fun of his cousins' talk of their secret country of Narnia. After Eustace joins them and begins taunting them, Lucy sees that the ship appears to be moving before her very eyes.

The waves begin rolling and pretty soon water is splashing out from the painting, onto the children and flooding into the room.

Lovers of (wartime England, circa 1943), and brother and sister Edmund (Skandar Keynes) and Lucy Pevensie (Georgie Henley) are staying with their annoying cousin Eustace Scrubb (Will Poulter) near Cambridge, England, while older brother Peter is away studying for university entrance exams and older sister Susan is on holiday with their parents in the U. As inferred in the book's first sentence—"There was a boy called Eustace Clarence Scrubb, and he almost deserved it"—Eustace certainly isa loathsome character.

He dislikes his cousins and apparently has made it his mission to make their lives miserable while they're staying with his family. While staring at a painting in Lucy's bedroom, the Pevensies notice that the ship depicted in the choppy waters looks very Narnian.There's a slightly different experience watching it in 3D to the 2D.But I'm really sold."However, lest audiences worry that technology will somehow trump or reduce the story, Apted assures that the emotional core of the film is still intact."It's a very intimate film. Lewis knew it and people of every color, class and creed worldwide know it today as well.And when our imaginations are profoundly engaged, there's no telling what any one of us can take away and apply to our lives going forward.The wind blows through and soon everything is upended.When Eustace tries to stop the proceedings by pulling the picture off of the wall, he only succeeds in bringing himself, Edmund and Lucy into the painting and sinking the bedroom into Narnia's Eastern Sea.But as the twosome interact with each other along their journey, Reepicheep sees something in Eustace and remains a loyal friend while serving as a guiding force through the troubled boy's dramatic transformation."To play a part like Eustace was particularly interesting to me because I suppose his transition speaks to a louder volume than I guess it would just reading on the page," admits Will Poulter, who couldn't believe it when he first found out he had won the part.That, too, is part of becoming an adult."As to why Lewis' story is still so appealing to children big and small in the twenty-first century, Apted points to the supernatural."I think on an obvious level it's got magic in it," he says.


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