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” This research process, although generally ignored by business ethics researchers, has a proven track record in forecasting significant developments in the future, establishing policies and strategic planning, and as a decision-making tool for evaluating business models or concrete business actions [].To reinforce and complete these contributions and transfer them to business ethics, an online survey on Delphi methods applied to business ethics has been administered to 21 scholars from nine countries (USA, UK, Spain, Switzerland, Italy, the Netherlands, France, Colombia, and Australia) between January and February 2015 and March-June 2016.The research will be based on a literature review of Delphi surveys in the field of business ethics.

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However, to some extent we agree with Coates [: 348].

We end with a pertinent overview of the properties of the Delphi method for its use in applied and fundamental business ethics based on fuzzy logic, with the aim being to establish its benefits and, in particular, refine the boundaries within which ethical business argumentation should take place.

The concluding remarks and references are presented.

Although Delphi has come a long way in the development of the method itself, or even in business organisation, it has not been used at all in business ethics.

To fill this gap, we have reviewed the literature on the use of Delphi in business, and particularly in the field of business ethics; we have also evidenced the method’s lack of use in this field, but noted its potential contribution to this research stream.


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